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History of COBRO

Founded in 1991, Brian Colodny and Vicki Brotherton – Colodny joined forces and christened their company – COBRO Motorsports. The vision combined their passion for auto racing with the values and advantages of solid business practices. Each family member is an integral part of the team sharing passion for racing and the common goal of success. COBRO is licensed in Nevada with offices in Carson City and continues to perform with the highest standards of professional integrity.

COBRO Motorsports Family

Modern Momentum

COBRO Motorsports is the All American Racing Family – putting it all on the line in the exciting and popular world of auto racing. Consistent and focused. COBRO combines the wisdom of experience with the energy and enthusiasm of youth. Three racers comprise the team to compete in Outlaw Sprint Karts, Legends and the ASA Speed Truck Challenge. COBRO continues to perfect skills, win races and progress forward in the racing arena.

The Team

Team members race under the governing bodies of INEX and NASA.

Brian Colodny

Late Model Stock Car Racer

The father and co-founder of COBRO Motorsports, Brian has been racing since 1990. A solid businessman, Brian has built a successful CPA practice to include multiple offices. Brian translates his professional skills and demeanor into the team. Driven for results and success, Brian boasts an impressive list of wins and racing accomplishments.

  • Highlights include: Beginning in 2006, Brian has joined the ASA Speedtruck Challenge and he is currently racing that Series. Prior to 2006, Brian raced with the American Stock Car Challenge Series with 1 win, 2 podium finishes and numerous top five finishes.
  • Previous track appearances include: Willow Springs, Buttonwillow, Infineon, Las Vegas Motorspeedway, and Irwindale Speedway

Vicki Colodny

Team Manager, Crew Chief, INEX

Vicki is the mother, team manager and crew chief of Dallas’ and Hunter’s racecars (Legend and Kart team). Vicki is responsible for maintenance and performance of the Legend as well as the Outlaw Karts. Known for her modern style, Vicki spends her limited free time pursuing her interests in interior design and art.

Dallas Colodny

Legend Racer

In the world of racing madness, Dallas has a method. Committed and consistent, he runs with an air of coolness and champion flair. Dallas is dedicated to the sport he loves, working just as hard off the track to learn the trade and grow as a racer.

  • 4 top 5 A-Main finishes. Several heat wins
  • Other highlights include 8 A-Main finishes at Cycleland Speedway and 7th at the Golden State Championships
  • NASA Pit Crew
  • Nationals in Las Vegas, NV. October 2004
  • Dallas is moving to the ASA Speedtruck Challenge in 2006

Hunter Colodny

Bandolero Racer

Hunter is gifted with the ability to immediately pick the fastest line on a track. Sporting “fly by” style, it is tough for his competitors to keep up with him. His determination and passion is crystal clear – allowing him to rack up an impressive list of victories despite his young age.

  • 2001 Rookie of the Year
  • Twelve A-Main finishes
  • 2nd in the Golden State Championship
  • 2003 QRC Perpetual trophy winner: Cycleland
  • 2004 Six A-Main wins in Alcohol Pro Stocks
  • 2006 has moved to 250cc Outlaw Class


COBRO Motorsports is pleased to provide a platform for sponsors to expand their brand’s recognition in the popular world of auto racing. We are dedicated to creating “win-win” partnerships through creativity, integrated marketing strategies, attention to detail and ultimately strong presence and outstanding performance. A sponsorship with COBRO offers a unique opportunity for our partners to leverage exposure and gain credibility in the core market of participant racing.

Three Teams in One

Essentially, a sponsorship with COBRO is three separate drivers competing on numerous tracks throughout the race year. Sponsors receive the benefit of leveraging marketing exposure through all racers, cars, team members, transport vehicle and race venues – a tremendous value.

Become A Sponsor

Your consideration for team sponsorship is appreciated. Please contact Brian and Vicki Colodny at 775.690.4380 to discuss any questions that you may have.

World Of Racing

COBRO Motorsports competes in the world of participant based racing. Team members race under the governing bodies of INEX and NASA. In the early 1990’s Concept 600 Racing/INEX and NASA saw the need to revive affordable racing. This sector has grown dramatically and consistently over the past decade – increasing exposure, number of racers and tracks across the country.The ASA Speed Truck Challenge is a nationally televised truck racing series featured on the Outdoor Channel. ASA Speed trucks race at many major race tracks in the Southwest.

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